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A Blog About The Babes

At Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary, there’s never a dull moment and we are constantly learning.  We also want to share that with you! Check out our blog for the inside scoop about what we do here at the sanctuary, what we learn along the way, and all the fun and educational upcoming events!

February 2023                     

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January 2021

PIN OF THE MONTH CLUB!  Order now from our merchandise page!

Every month until the 20th, we will have a different pin created for us by a local vegan artist!  These exclusive, limited-edition pins will show a different design of the babes here at LOBPS, or an animal rights motto.  Collect all 12!

December 2020

Well, we did it!  We managed to raise $2,500 for the month of December, which means Ron and Carrie will be taking the Polar Bear Plunge on Facebook live at 11am January 1!  Be sure to watch!  It's going to be terrible!  

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